JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. From the Cassandra release onwards, a lot of new features have been added that make JinnIde the most powerful of the development environments with Prolog support. Should you find an IDE with Prolog support that achieves such a level, please tell me about it - but I do not think there exists such a thing! Take a look at the following to see what JinnIde has to offer.

GUI IDE based development

Now JinnIde comes with a variety of GUI-based helper tools, that make development for Jinni Prolog / Prolog as comfortable as developing Java in a modern Java IDE! In greater detail:

Server and JinnIde API support

JinniEngineAnswer Framework System (JEAFS) - JinnIde's rule-based validation framework

The JinnIde CLIDE release comes with support for the application of Jinni Prolog as a validation engine. This is accomplished by the following tools available in JinnIde's templates tree: Thus the user is capable of generating the code in the following tool-based way:

Simple installation and extensibility

All the development features are directly accessible either by shortcut (user configured), from the templates viewer or by selecting a respective menu item from the JinnIde or Templates menu which you find underneath JEdit's Plugins menu.

A Java API for the JinniEngineAnswerFramework

The Java API for the JinniEngineAnswerFramework consists of the package tools.jinniengineanswer.*; its application is shown through a couple of examples located in the root directory of JinnIde/jEdit. Start them by executing

    java -classpath .:jars/JinnIde.jar:jars/JinnIdeExceptions.jar:jars/JinniProlog.jar TestJinniEngineAnswerFrameworkGetSimpleQuery

in jEdit's/JinnIde's console command line.
You might want to modify the source. In this case, when recompiling the following line may be handy:

    javac -classpath jars/JinniProlog.jar:.:jars/JinnIdeExceptions.jar:jars/JinnIde.jar TestJinniEngineAnswerFrameworkGetSimpleQuery.java

Analogously the same lines can be used for the TestJinniEngineAnswerFrameworkGetQuery variation.

Automated self testability (experimental)

Finally, the latest hot edge of JinnIde's technology is its Test Tool, a pool of automated tests that allow running tests to verify the correctness of particular JinnIde features. It is available through the template viewer and currently includes the following tests:

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