JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. From the Cassandra release onwards, Jinni Prolog code development is supported by straight-forward logging that can be configured in a click-and-point manner.

How does it tick internally?

Internally all this is accomplished by applying the velocity template engine which comes along with the templates plugin available for JEdit (which is thus one of the required plugins for JinnIde). Take a look at the documentation of the templates plugin for the details.
The following explains how to use this new feature. With JinnIde configuring Loq4Jinni is a simple matter:
  1. Open up the template viewer or pull down the templates menu and click on Switch Loq4Jinni
  2. The GUI dialogue comes up:

  1. Select the entries:
  1. After pressing OK Loq4Jinni is reconfigured according to the selected changes.

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