JinnIde Server Setup

JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. New with the Cassandra release is the server functionality that allows running one's JinnIde applications independently of JEdit or any other development enviroment. Precisely speaking, JinnIde provides a Java RMI server called the JinnIde server which wraps Jinni Prolog with the JinnIde API.

There are various runtime switches that allow running Jinni Prolog as a server with the desired setup that may be defined through the JinnIde setup dialogue or that may be probed by starting up the server through the JinnIde plugin menu.

The following menu entries are relevant for the JinnIde server:

Furthermore, all the other controls of JinnIde's plugin menu either relate to the Jinni Prolog Server, once it is activated, or to the embedded JinnIde engine (when the Jinni Prolog Server is deactivated). So one may reconsult, consult, renew, switch the engine flavour, document, etc. exactly the same way as with the embedded engine.

One may as well setup the server cross-session-wise i.e. not limited to the current JinnIde session and setup the system rsp. by means of the JinnIde setup dialogue. It also allows managing the JinnIde server as follows:

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