JinnIde - Application Setup

JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. It supports the preloading of Jinni Prolog applications by setting class paths and consulting Jinni Prolog programs according to an initialization file that is specified in the JinnIde Setup dialogue. Note that JinnIde supports this task by its automated project management tools that make most of this a matter of point-and-click!

This is also used to prepare JinniDoc and Loq4Jinni, which are Jinni Prolog applications that are actually part of JinnIde itself, thus they are automatically preloaded at JinnIde's startup time.

What actually happens while projects and packages are managed is that JinnIde's initialization file is modified according to the developer's project modifications. The developer is free to use the resulting initialization file to setup her/his own Jinni Prolog application running on her or his own JinnIde server. All one needs to do is insert one's Jinni Prolog initialization file in the system library path specified in the JinnIde Setup Dialogue or through the JinnIde API. This is what happens behind the scenes:

When a series of Jinni Prolog programs needs to be run at startup time of JinnIde or the JinnIde server, this is specified in the initialization file that executes the programs in the order desired by the Jinni Prolog developer. Example:

Alternatively, to get it compiled into the running JinniProlog session, one may use
Furthermore, if classes or modules need to be located, classpaths are set at startup time by including push_to_path calls. For instance, this is already done for the startup directory's modules and classes:
:- push_to_path('startup/classlib/').
:- push_to_path('startup/proglib/').
:- push_to_path('startup/modulelib/').

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