JinnIde - Installation & Setup

JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. From the Cassandra release upwards, a fully automated installer is available, so installation has now become child's play. So to get started with JinnIde just double click on JEdit's icon, that's all!

Should you, for whatever reason, need to do it manually, as a guideline, here's the instructions for the releases before Cassandra.

The Cassandra release comes with the following, reasonable default setup:

So if one goes to JinnIde's plugin menu by clicking on Plugin Options:

what one gets initially is the settings in accordance with above default. The following sreenshot shows the probably more interesting case when the Jinni Prolog Server is activated and the prolog output style along with the background mode is set.The paths must be properly setup according to the installation directory. So the below screenshot is correct when JinnIde is installed in the directory named JinnIde which is the default. If you selected another path than the default, these paths need to adapted according to your installation.

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