JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. It includes an automated documentation system similar to JavaDoc (yet still much simpler!) which is thus analogously called JinniDoc. This work has been started by taking PrologDoc as the basis. PrologDoc was an earlier JavaDoc-like system designed and implemented for Sicstus Prolog by Elisheva Bonchek and Sara Cohen. Parts of them have been completely rewritten and a lot of adaptions have been made to make it work for Jinni Prolog. This work is being continued and it is expected that only few parts, if any, of the original code will remain.

How it works

JinniDoc works like JavaDoc by using documentation tags such as "@author" (to denote the author of the code) or "@descr" (to describe the purpose of the code). Because there is not yet a specification to look up all these tags it is best to learn from the documentation already generated with JinniDoc. So it is recommended to look up the JinniDoc source code and the Loq4Jinni source code - both to be found in JEdit's startup directory (provided you properly installed the JinnIde plugin) and their JinniDoc-wise generated documentation. The usage is very simple and effective: one may either select "Doc File" from the JinnIde menu:

and then the current buffer is automatically documented.
Or,alternatively, one may select "Doc Directory" to automatically generate (or regenerate) the documentation of the entire directory where the current buffer is located. Of course, if a Jinni Prolog file does not contain the expected JinniDoc tags the generation will not or only partly succeed.

Further details can be found following these links:

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