JinnIde - Multithreading

JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit.It also allows running one's Jinni Prolog programs on their own threads, keeping away from JEdit's main thread, which can be very helpful in one of the following situations:

Note that the last two situations internally implie the use of Java's stop method, which is known to produce potential state inconsistencies within the virtual machine. However, from experience with Jinni Prolog, I have been working very happily with JinnIde's multithreading and only seldomly had to restart JEdit in such situations.

The usage is straightforward: Either go the Plugin menu, to set it up cross-session-wise, see the plugin menu's setup dialogue, or go to the JinnIdeMenu and check the "Background" box to activate the multithreading feature. The Console window prints "bg" (for background) to inform the user that multithreading has been activated. Uncheck it to deactivate it again; the console window prints "nobg" to note the deactivation.

When activated, the "Stop" button of the Console window is active and can be used to stop a running Jinni Prolog Thread:

Implementation note: The multithreading feature has been implemented by creating a thread by pure Java means without using Jinni Prolog's own multithreading possibilities.

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