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This is Loq4Jinni, a simple yet effective logger. You can use it in your programs e.g. by writing loq:print(info, write sth.) or loq:println(error, write sth. with automatic carriage return).

One of the basic features of this logger allows switching the logging centrally without having to resort to switching on and off the stuff in every rsp. logging place! That is, you renew the \property file\ called loqProps which, for instance, is set to logActivity(none). In this case all the logging is completely switched off. For Loq4Jinni to work as desired one needs to configure it accordingly as follows:

Configuration: Thanks to separating the database part of into another Jinni file the amount of setup effort is significantly reduced as follows:

Existing classes,modules or programs that contain loq statements need not be recompiled!

Authored by: Date: June, 2003

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