JinnIde - Tracing

JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. It also allows tracing one's own Jinni Prolog programs, a feature that is comfortably accessible through point-and-click: Go to the JinnIde menu and simply check the "Trace" box.

The Console window prints a message "trace" confirming that the trace mode has been activated. Now a query is always solved in trace mode until it is deactivated again by unchecking the "Trace" box from the JinnIde menu.

Special Feature Note

To trace queries made of several conjunctions the "," (comma) is not used. Instead an "&" (ampersand) is supported. Example:

> member(2,[4,1,2])& member(4,[4,3,2,1])
'Call: 'member(2,[4,1,2])
'Exit: 'member(2,[4,1,2])
'Call: 'member(4,[4,3,2,1])
'Exit: 'member(4,[4,3,2,1])


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