JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. From the Cassandra (pre-) release onwards, a fully automated installer is available, so installation has now become child's play! Should you, for whatever reason, need to install manually, as a guideline, here's the instructions for the releases before Cassandra:

The manual way

Basically, it assumes the usual installation required for any other plugin of JEdit. For the installation of JEdit please lookup JEdit's website. However, a few subtleties may require additional attention. So here are all the steps involved in the process:
  1. Copy Jinni Prolog's "jinni.jar" file to JEdit's jar directory, typically on C:\Program Files\Jedit\jars. If you do not have Jinni Prolog, you may download it from here .
  2. Copy JinnIde's "JinnIde.jar" file to JEdit's jar directory, typically to C:\Program Files\Jedit\jars.
  3. Copy JinnIde's file "catalog" and its associated file "jinni.xml" to JEdit's mode directory. If you do not want to overwrite your catalog file, please select the relevant entries from JinnIde's catalog file by searching for jinni and pasting those entries into your catalog file.
  4. Copy JinnIde's startup directory to C:\Program Files\Jedit\. If you do not want to overwrite your startup directory, please copy the file JinnIdeStart.pro, and the directories proglib, modulelib and classlib to your startup directory. If you already use these sub directories please copy the files contained in the directories jinnidoc, proglib, modulelib and classlib into your directories of the same name.
  5. Startup JEdit! Select "Jinni Prolog" in the Console's combo box on the lower left hand side. Now you should see a message in the Console's text area similar to the following:
Welcome to Jinni Prolog V.12.3 (prolog mode)
Server enabled
You may also prefer to configure JinnIde according to the following configuration advice.


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