JinnIde - Basic Features

JinnIde is the Jinni Prolog IDE Plugin for JEdit. It combines basic functionality - as known to typical prolog-based environments - with more advanced properties only known to modern object-orientated IDEs and beyond:

All these features are directly accessible either by shortcut, which are user-defined by means of JEdit's global options menu, by selecting the respective menu item from the JinnIde menu, which you find underneath JEdit's Plugins menu, or by clicking on the respective icon on the preconfigured tool bar (requires customization package, see following).

If you have selected the JinnIde customization package at installation time, a certain pre-customized appearance of JEdit will be the default after startup; otherwise, if you have not already done so, use the docking feature of JEdit's Console plugin if you want to get the same appearance. Furthermore, this package also sets up a preconfigured right mouse click menu that also offers automated documentation functionality of the entire current directory or file plus (re-)consult/renew facilities. See JinniDoc for further details on automated documentation.

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